Use rabago as a customer:

1. register
You will receive a password which you can change at any time. The registration and use are free-of-charge.

2. log In
Via the e-mail address and password.

3. my profile
You can list multiple users who nonetheless have the same password.

4. create the project

  • job name and job description
    Is visible only to you and will help you to find your tendering procedures more easily.

  • product
    Is visible in the tendering procedure for the invited printing partners.

  • order description
    Please enter all important facts: Print run, format, number of pages, colour scheme, materials, processing, etc.

  • timing
    Set the end of the bidding period–optionally also data transfer, delivery destination and delivery timeframe.

  • start price (optional)
    In this case, higher bids are excluded.

  • upload schedules
Sketches, address lists, order descriptions, etc. which are relevant for the pricing.

  • save to the archive
    Save the uncompleted tendering procedures as drafts and continue to process them later.

  • select printing partners
    Select the printing partners who may participate in your tendering procedure.
You can encourage printing partners to register by clicking on the button “Invite Printing Partners” in order for them to participate in your tendering procedures. Optimally, invite your printing partners already before a tendering procedure because the registration can take some time.

  • summary of the tendering procedure that has been created
    All data entered as an overview for controlling purposes.

5. manage the project

  • on-going tendering procedures
    Can be tracked, modified or stopped at any time. You will receive any questions from invited printing partners via e-mail with a link in order to answer the questions.

  • lapsed tendering procedures WITH bid
    With "order awarded", you can accept the bid. You will then receive the best bidder’s contact data. If you would not like to accept the bid, click on "not awarded". In both cases, 
the project will be sent to: "my archive".

  • lapsed tendering procedures WITHOUT bid
    You can modify your tendering procedure with “modify project” and restart it or send it to the archive.

6. my archive
In the archive, all created projects are saved with their status and can be modified or deleted.

  • draft
    Newly-created, but uncompleted sent to archive saved projects are always positioned at the very top of your list.

  • cancellation
    On-going tendering procedures which have been stopped.

  • not awarded
Lapsed tendering procedures with a bid which you have not awarded.

  • order awarded
Lapsed tendering procedures which result in an order.

  • no bid
    Lapsed tendering procedures without a bid.

7. rabago printer pool
You can add printing partners from the “rabago printer pool” to “my printing partners” in order to create or expand your personal list. In order to invite suitable printing partners to your tendering procedure, you can search and filter by name, language, region, printing process, printer profile and rating.

Use rabago as a contractor:

1. register free-of-charge
You will receive an e-mail with password. As soon as you have registered, you will be able to anonymously participate in public tendering procedures and tendering procedures to which you have been invited.

2. log In
Via your e-mail address and password.

3. create a company profile

  • create master data / new users
    Multiple users can be created. Invitations to tendering procedures will be sent to all users activated in the company profile. However, additional information will be sent only to the user who submits the bid.
    Thus, for example, order changes, best bidder info, etc

  • settings / e-mail invitations
    Highlight those products to which you would like to be invited via e-mail.

  • settings / service description and printing process
    Here, you can enter your entire portfolio.

4. review all projects
Here, you will find a list of all tendering procedures which have been discontinued on rabago based upon their currentness. You can search, filter and sort.

5. symbols as an overview

  • blue dot
    Tendering procedures which have not yet been reviewed.

  • green thumb
    You have submitted a bid and are currently the best bidder.

  • red thumb
    Your bid was underbid by another printing partner.

6. submit a bid for tendering procedures

  • click on tendering procedure
in order to review the complete order description. You may render only a lower bid.

  • the automated bidding system of rabago
In this case, enter the lowest amount which you would like to offer for this tendering procedure. The customer and other printing partners will not see your minimum bid. Only if your current bid is underbid will rabago automatically submit a bid for you which is
    1 EUR net lower. Thus, you will remain the best bidder, but only up to the minimum bid which you have entered. If another printing partner should bid as much as your minimum bid or lower, you will be
    notified in order to possibly submit another bid.

  • questions about a tendering procedure
    All questions and answers are visible to all participants.

  • end of the bidding
    You will receive a notification regarding each decision that is made about a tendering procedure. If the
    order is awarded to you, the contact data will be exchanged. Orders that are awarded to you will be
    saved in "my archive"

7. manage tendering procedures

  • my archive
    Here, you will see all order details and your bid with which you won the tendering procedure.

    Based upon the status, differentiation is made between three types of bids:

    order: The order was awarded to you.
    open: Bids not yet confirmed by the customer.
    no order: The customer rejected your bid.